From document retrievals to in-depth real estate projects, Secure Abstract Services, Inc. (SASI) offers a wide variety of services to attorneys, banking institutions, corporations, and as a vendor to other abstracting companies. 

Whether you require a 60 year title search, a property report, or a UCC search, SASI's qualified researchers provide all aspects of reporting in a thorough and accurate manner.  We strive to maintain a timely response to all questions, requests and retrievals.

Property Reports

  • Search of current owners of property requested

  • Report of mortgages, judgments, liens filed against property & owners

  • Legal description included

  • Typed report faxed, emailed, or mailed (see sample copy)

Candy in the Map Room.

UCC Search

  • Search of financing statements filed at the county level

  • Retrieval of copies

  • Typed report faxed, emailed, or mailed

Lien Search

  • Search on entity for judgments, liens, etc.

  • Retrieval of copies

  • Typed report faxed, emailed, or mailed

Lydia in Prothonatory's Office.

Current Owner Search

  • In-depth property report

  • Includes a check of the tax map, plans, estates

  • Typed report faxed, emailed, or mailed

Title Searches

  • In-depth search of property owners for the last 60 years

  • Thorough check of tax maps, plans, estates

  • Computerized deed plots - if requested or required

  • Complete chain of title with deeds copied

  • Includes tax map copy or plan copy

  • Tax certificate

  • Thorough check of indices in the Recorder's and Prothonotary's Offices

  • Estate information

  • Current assessment information

  • Written mortgage information or if requested copy of mortgage

  • Exceptions as found in the search of indices

  • Outsales (if any) found in the search of indices

  • Problems that result in a "cloud on the title"

  • Typed summary faxed or mailed (see sample copy)

Document Retrievals - Certified copies

  • Tax Office

  • Prothonotary's Office

  • Recorder's Office

  • Register of Wills

Bringdowns and Recordings

  • Thorough check of documents prior to recording (signatures, notary, etc)

  • Bringdown from last report date

  • Immediate notification of intervening liens or errors on documents

  • Notification of recording and recording information

  • If requested, a check of the indices after recording to ensure proper spelling etc.

Document Preparations

  • Mortgages

  • Notes

  • Deeds

  • Satisfaction pieces

  • Releases

Criminal Searches

  • Verified by social security number
    and / or date of birth

  • Typed report faxed, emailed, or mailed

Working on Computer at Courthouse.

Real Estate Research Projects

  • Boundary line questions

  • Quiet title action research

  • Adverse possession claims research

  • Ownership determinations

  • Computerized land plots

  • Tax sale research

  • Foreclosure searches



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